A 10-year old boy writes a letter to be opened in 2018, when he is 16. As he pictures what he and his city will look like in future, his drawings take a life of their own transforming fairways to funfairs, scooters to spaceships and boys to men. Based on the vision and illustrations of 10-year old boys attending St. Albert the Great College, Valletta, in the run up to Valletta as the European Capital of Culture.
Duration: 5 minutes
Status: Distribution

Producer: Martin Bonniċi, Marie Briguglio & St. Albert the Great College
Director: Martin Bonniċi & Marie Briguglio
Writer: Marie Briguglio & students of St. Albert the Great College

Animated by: Students of St. Albert the Great College
Voice over: Students of St. Albert the Great College

Video Post-Production: Martin Bonniċi
Audio Post-Production & Score: Mario Sammut

Project Co-ordinator: Kristina Borg & Mario Mallia

Funded by: Kreattiv
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