Developing Content

Finding the balance between artistic vision and the market

Shadeena was started based on a premise that is still at the heart of our company. Our top priority has never been having the latest gadgets on set or promising our clients the latest, biggest cameras. Our priority is making sure that from adverts to film and TV, the content is investigated in detail and developed well.

It is only through in depth development that our messages reach our audience and remain relevant for years to come. For artistic content we have years of experience working with Arts Council Malta, the Malta Film Commission and other public entities to finance projects and find them an audience.

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Production Services

From development to production

You have developed a great marketing campaign or film, but without the right team it could still fall apart. Over the years we’ve produced dozens of projects for varying budgets, always making sure that productions are finished on time and on budget. We put together the right crew, talent and gear for your production and make sure all permits are in place and all expenses are well documented. 

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Rental Services

You don’t always need to invest

For the past few years we’ve been running a boutique rental company, offering our gear to both young and experienced filmmakers in Malta. From cameras to lights, we have you covered

Our gear has been used on TV shows, films, commercials and photo shoots across the island and is constantly updated to service the most demanding of productions.

We offer the most transparent pricing in the industry and regularly work with our clients to ensure they can get the most out of their budgets.

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Digital Content

Experimentation is our greatest asset

Over the years we have developed content in a variety of media. Whilst we’re well known for our animation and film production, we’ve won national awards for our work in Virtual and Augmented Reality. Be it for smartphone, desktop or theatre, pushing boundaries is in our nature and we can’t wait to work with you to create tomorrow’s content.

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