Supported by Malta Arts Fund, Shadeena & Studio 7

Produced and Directed by Martin Bonniċi
Concept by Martin Bonniċi & Moira Zahra

Production Design & 2D Animations by Moira Zahra
Cinematography by Martin Bonniċi
Editing, Grading & Compositing by Martin Bonniċi
Additional Compositing by Chris Farrugia

Hair by Moira Borg (
Make-up by Justin Brincat

DIT & Camera gear provided by Annabelle Galea
Studio, Lighting & Crew provided by Studio 7

Song written by Carrie Haber
Produced by Steve Orchard

"I'd Rather Die" is available on iTunes, Amazon and all online stores. "I'd Rather Die" is from the EP "Taurus".
Concept Sketches & Tests by Moira Zahra, Martin Bonnici & Mark Scicluna
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