'Garden of Hidden' is a work in progress short film shot in late 2012 in Collaboration with Pasmania Entertainment, Turbulence Films, Fotogramma 25 and Castello San Sebastiano da Po. 'Garden of Hidden' is a short story about language and communication.
The short was shot on location at the Castello San Sebastiano da Po in Casalborgone, outside Turin, Italy.
Directed by Klaus Pas and Martin Bonniċi
Written by Peter Farrugia, Chris Galea and Klaus Pas
Story Editing by Diego Volpi
Introducing Leonardo Gambino
Ettore Nicoletti
Guido Garrone
Produced by
Klaus Pas
Luc Walpoth
Sound Design
Aleksandar Bundalo
Art Direction
Peter Farrugia
Martin Bonniċi
Evrar Niyomwungere
Enrico Aleotti
Diego Volpi
Irene Opezzo
Produced as part of the Monfilmfest Giochi di Cinema 2012
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