Over 2012 and 2013 Shadeena was commissioned by Żigużajg Arts Festival for Children & Young People and Ruben Zahra, local composer, to producer a series of animated shorts based on Maltese folktales set to original music from Ruben Zahra himself. 
The project has been screend in 2D and 3D in Malta, and in 2D in Italy and US.
Conception and music composition by: Ruben Zahra
Pianist: Tricia Dawn Williams
Narrator: Isabelle Gatt
Translations: Marilyn Mangion
Animation produced by Shadeena
Directed and animated by Martin Bonniċi
Production design by Nel Pace
Animation Assistants: Benji Borg & Victor Skalin
Videos commissioned by Żigużajg Arts Festival for Children & Young People 2012
In total, a cycle of 4 animations was completed running at approximately 25 minutes. ​​​​​​​
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