‘Meeting with Mara Morbi’ is a short 13 minute comedy based on local author Immanuel Mifsud’s story 'Laqgħa ma' Mara Morbi'. We meet a middle-aged, successful man who's torn between going back either to the family he has left behind or to the very young and very naked girl that he just woke up next to. As he allows us to journey through his mind, we get to know his most intimate thoughts and reminisce over his past.
Executive Producers
Jason Micallef
Mark Camilleri

Produced by
Shadeena Films

Directed by
Martin Bonnici

Written by 
Martin Bonnici

based on the short story by
Immanuel Mifsud

Mark Doneo
Naomi Said
Maya D'Ugo
Coryse Borg
Andrea Borg

Cinematography by
George Eustice

Production Design by
Xuria Cristobal

Edited by 
Franny Schembri

Illustrations and Animations by
Inez Kristina

Sound Design and Music by 
Istishhad Hheva

Colour Grading & VFX by

Production Manager
John Galea

Marvin Vella
Kurt Attard
Heathcliff Camilleri

Sound Recordist
Vincent Vella

Make-up by
Bernice Mallia
Daniela Mizzi

Filmed on location at 
Fort Cambridge Apartments, thanks to Charlotte Sullivan & Engel & Voelkers Sara Grech Malta and at ONE Production Studios.

C300 supplied by
Mark Doneo

Lights supplied by 
RVC Lighting

Special thanks to ONE Productions, The National Book Council Malta, Jason Micallef, Mark Camilleri & Mark Doneo.

All rights reserved 2014.
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