Over the past years we have created a number of projects exploring large scale projections and architectural projection mapping. 
We consider this to be the R&D side of Shadeena and most of our projects have been first in Malta. We started from the first projection mapping project in 2010 - involving a bus and the inside of a tent. Unfortunately we were too busy creating that one and kind of forgot to document it.
This was followed with the first attempt at a more 3-Dimensional effect and the first use of Malta's infamous bastions for projection mapping in 2011. Luckily, our colleagues at Studio 7 actually did document this one.
Produced and Directed by Martin Bonniċi
2D Animation by Studio 7
3D Animation and Projection Mapping by Martin Bonniċi
Music by Cygna
Technical Setup by Studio 7
This was followed up with a very ambitious projection event. Projecting onto the Grandmaster's Palace. Unlike previous projects this was not commissioned, but a project we funded with the support of the Malta Arts Fund and the City of Valletta Local Council. 
During the summer of 2012 we approached the Valletta Local Council with an idea that had been growing in us for quite a while, 'Can we a mapped countdown show for the Valletta NYE celebration?'. The answer was a resounding yes and all that needed to be done was to figure out the financing of the project. As we believed in the project Shadeena decided to fund the visual side of the project and the money for the equipment and crew to realise the project was sourced through a grant from the Malta Arts Fund and from G7 Events, who agreed to allocate a portion of the budget allocated by the local authorities to the project.
This was definitely the most ambitious project we've set out to do in 2012, both technically and creatively and unfortunately some things did go wrong, including starting the project from scratch in mid-December due to technical problems. From this project we have learned a lot and hope to be able to continue pushing our team and our experience in the coming year with new projects and new challenges.
We wish you all a great 2013.

Produced and Directed by Martin Bonniċi
Concept by Martin Bonniċi & Basia Stramska
3D Modelling by Martin Bonniċi, Basia Stramska, Roderick Galea
Animation by Martin Bonniċi & Basia Stramska
Technical Setup by Paul Chircop (Studio 7)
Brought to you by G7 Events & Shadeena, with the support of the Malta Arts Fund and The Valletta Local Council.
Next up, in 2013 we collaborated with RedTape Dance Company for the Ziguzajg Children's festival. It was quite an experience mixing creative coding and animation to create visuals that reacted to the dancer's movements.
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