Shadeena was commissioned to produce 3 clips to help promote the Malta Mediterranean Literature Festival 2012. Since the writings vary greatly in style, theme and content we decided to take a more abstract approach and try to convey moods and emotions, similar to what literature does.
Directed by Martin Bonniċi
Cinematography by Martin Bonniċi
Video Post-Production - Martin Bonniċi
Voices - Leli Psaila & Miguel Buttigieg
Music - Wooden Little People by Cygna
Sound by Annabelle Galea
Logo Designed by Pierre Portelli
This year's edition focused on “Dieta kontra l-Kriżi" or "Crisis Fare” but also continued to follow the revolutions in Arab countries, most notably Syria and Libya. The Festival presented an exciting array of literary genres and languages, unique voices, and short video clips about the festival and the socio-economic crisis.
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