You can do a lot with a little help from your friends, and that's what we do in our servicing department. Doesn't matter if you're based in Malta, somewhere else around Europe or even further afield, we can find the right talent, gear and if needed locations to boost your production.
Over the past years we've worked with teams from Malta, the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Taiwan and the USA. So if you're looking for a hand, do get in touch! It doesn't matter how big or small your production is, we are sure we can find the help you need to fit your budget.
Like these folks, they came to us asking for post-production services and we delivered a fun edit complete with motion graphics in record time.

And the folks below, were coming from half-way across the globe and needed location scouting, permits, on-screen talent, crew and gear organised in 10 days. 
We produce a lot of content ourselves so when you come to us for servicing and rentals, keep in mind that we know what it feels like to have boots on the ground and we'll get you the best partners, gear and prices you could wish for.
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