‘To My Little Turtle’ is a Maltese/Swiss co-produced drama and a story about what comes after life for those left behind. The 15 minute short introduces us to old farmer Joe who is mourning the death of wife while still trying to fulfill her life-long wish of rising above the clouds and looking down on the surrounding white. He does this, on their anniversary, as his own struggles and thoughts of regret push him to take a leap of faith.
The project is currently in the later stages of post-production.
Duration : 15 min
Directed by
Martin Bonniċi
Produced by
Shadeena Films
In association with 
Pasmania Entertainment, Turbulence Films, Malta Film Fund
Immortal Transmedia, Panalight Nexos Mediterranean
Written by
Cassi Camilleri
based on story by
Martin Bonniċi & Chris Galea
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