This is a campaign produced by Shadeena, for UNHCR Malta. Directed by Rebecca Cremona, each spot focuses on the story of one individual who escaped for a life threatening situation and found refuge in Malta. Each individual's story is different and told in their own way but together they paint a clearer picture of the refugee community that found shelter in Malta.
Client: UNHCR Malta 
Produced by: Martin Bonniċi & Rebecca Cremona for Shadeena 
Director: Rebecca Cremona 
Director of Photography: Martin Bonniċi 
Editor: Daniel Lapira 
Sound Recordist & Designer: Aleksander Bundalo 
Make-up: Chantal Busuttil & Emma Beard 
Production Designer: Martina Guillaumier 
Grip & Gaffer: John Preca Trapani 
Colour Grading & Animation: Martin Bonniċi
​The UNHCR Office in Malta wanted to create a campaign to raise awareness about how protection status is changing the lives of individuals who found safety in Malta. As we believed in the message at hand, along with Rebecca Cremona from Kukumajsa Productions, we decided to support the production by deferring 50% of the fees for this production, making sure to use our client's budget to secure amongst the best local talent and equipment.
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